Our volunteers are an important part of hostel life at Bura and we are always looking for outgoing individuals who have a great work ethic with a keen interest in travel and being part of the hostel community to come and join the team.  

Below is an overview of the role of volunteers and an example of a ‘Day in the life..’.  Volunteering is a great way to extend your travels if you are currently travelling through Portugal, or just looking for a new experience away from home.

If you think this is for you, please get in touch regarding our current vacancies by emailing jobs@buratravel.com

As a volunteer, your responsibilities will include, but may not be limited to:

• Helping with breakfast service - making pancakes, replenishing items, cleaning up during and after breakfast

• Cleaning rooms after guest check-out - changing beds, cleaning bathrooms

•Helping with guest check-in - during busy periods you will help reception by giving new guests their welcome tour and explaining about the hostel and activities on offer

• Taking care of the garden and pool areas

• Laundry

• Assisting the bar and kitchen staff with hosting our nightly events - eg helping food prep for a BBQ, serving dinner for guests, helping to clear up

• Socialising with guests and participating in group activities

In exchange for your work and contribution within the hostel, you will receive the following:

• Staff accommodation shared with the staff team

• Breakfast daily

•Dinner on the evenings you are working

• Discounts on drinks and meals offered at our bar

• Free access to surf lessons and Stand Up Paddle Boarding (dependent on availability) on days off

• Free or discounted rates when participating in activities with guests - eg kayaking trips/wine tasting trips

Requirements for the role:

• An ideal candidate should be motivated, energetic and enthusiastic

• Keen to experience all hostel life and Lagos has to offer

• Great at meeting new people and adaptable to social situations

• A hard worker and team player

• Have a good level of spoken English

• Previous experience of hostels or customer service roles desirable but not essential

• Ability to commit to a minimum of 4 weeks stay, with a maximum stay of 12 weeks

A day in the life:

A day in the life...Thinking of volunteering at Bura Surfhouse but not sure what it entails?  This is an example of any given day when you are volunteering with us.  If you would love to be part of it, we’d love to have you join us!


Wake up and head up to the kitchen for breakfast, there’s a group of guests you met last night already eating so you sit down with a pile of pancakes and chat with them.  They are all thinking of going kayaking today - you tell them you are working 10am - 2pm but would love to head down with them for the 4pm tour later on.  You chat about the BBQ tonight and make plans for the day.


Head to reception and see what is on your list of tasks for today.  Only 12 check outs today, great, yesterday there was 23 and that was busy, plus, one of the bathrooms was gross yesterday... You start with the room where the guests checked out earlier this morning so as not to disturb guests in the other rooms still sleeping.  You strip all the beds and change them, and give the room a thorough clean down, making sure it is perfect for the incoming guests, before moving on to the next room.  You finish the rooms at 1pm and get the laundry up to date before giving the garden and pool a good sweep up, chatting to the guests chilling by the pool as you go.  You head back to reception to pass on that everything is completed before heading off to the pool for a cool down.

2.00 - 3.00pm

Hanging out by the pool, more guests have decided to join the kayak trip at 4pm, so there are now 9 of you heading down in total and you all walk down together to the beach stopping for ice-cream along the way.

4.00 - 7.00pm

You head off on your first kayaking experience around the grottos, having a great time taking pics with your new mates and trying not to fall in!


You head back up to the Hostel and head to the bar to hang out with some of the staff as they prep for the BBQ


There’s 30 people having BBQ tonight so there’s plenty people hanging around, getting to know each other and having loads of food!


Most people head up to the roof to watch the sunset, which is epic, as ever.  Some people stay up there to chill whilst others head back down to the bar for some mojitos before heading into town for another night out in Lagos - will you go - maybe - but if not, there’s always tomorrow, and the day after is your day off anyways - oh, but you might go on a surf lesson so you have to be up at 8am for that… decisions… hey, you have all summer!



27th - 31st March (8 Spaces)
15th - 19th April (8 Spaces)
31st May - 4th June (8 Spaces)

“Bura Bootcamp - amazing atmosphere, spectacular activities, fabulous staff”

"Bura Bootcamp is not your standard "bootcamp". We were in line for something different...and far more exciting! Bura Surfhouse was really the icing on the cake :) The staff (and I use “staff” in the loosest possible terms) are awesome, friendly, and extremely helpful. It becomes a lifestyle you won’t want to leave behind.... sigh."


“Bura Boot camp - Awesome selection of activities & phenomenal staff!”

"Bura is the best place I have ever stayed! In over 30 countries I have never felt so at home. Family is an understatement... I felt closer to the Bura family than I do my own... Do yourself a favor and stay here, even if its just for the people! I love it and will, for sure be back!"



Email: surfhouselagos@buratravel.com

Tel: (+351) 282 046 448